Wind Turbine Charge Controller Projects

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Welcome to my web page ,

A friend of mine was constructing a PV panel and was fiddling around with his charge controller. Coincidently he mentioned a website I quickly went through this site and realised that Michael had built a charge controller for his wind turbine. After extensive analysis of the circuit, I decided to build one and took it upon myself to design a printed circuit board, as I had already made up my mind to build a PV panel for my workshop. Currently, I have now these boards in stock,  and are available for sale in kit form or ready-built and tested. Kindly visit my online shop or click on BUY NOW to make a purchase.

Listing Site Updates

Update  1-8-2012 : Added in shop - Now in stock 6, 12, 24 Volts Versions of the 3x1 555 Based Wind charge controller ready built and kit form  With professional made board.  Also Added battery voltage Monitor module. 

New product A complete load diversion controller , please visit the new page . 


2012 was started with the launch of Version 3.1x the new Improved 555 based Charge controller . Kit and Completed Board Available now with professional made pcb

Next Project : MPPT based solar charge controller . -In Progress -

A battery voltage monitor that consumes just under 30 milliamps. measures just 1 inch squared and shows status of battery - red low under 9v - amber 9 to 11v - green over 13v 


#Available in my Web Shop . 



Projects in the Pipeline

  • Available Now Deluxe Wind Turbine /Solar charge controller Turnkey Solution with low Battery Voltage Alarm Boxed- Complete with relay and Terminal Block for easy hook up- check my web shop
  • Solar Tracker - Testing Prototype
  • Solar Dark light Switch - Completed available on request  
  • Easy Resistive Dummy Load - Coming Soon
  • MPPT SOLAR/WIND charge controller - Comming soon 

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