Load Diversion Wind Turbine/Solar Charge Controller

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A complete charge controller ready to go!

Following numerous requests , I am hereby presenting this new revolutionary product in my line of charge controllers. Besides offering all the usual main features and being a complete unit, all that is necessary for you to do is to plug the energy source wind turbine or Solar Panel and battery and off you go .

Eventually, when fully charged, you can use the battery to power your equipment - this can be done with either a power inverter or else simply use the battery voltage directly.


Product Information :

Available in 6 Volts, 12 Volts and 24 Volt Versions 

Integrated in line low dropout diode 

Integrated in line 40 amp fuse 

Protection against polarity reversal

In line board fuse 

Integrated Dummy load

Optional cooling fan Kit

Integrated tyco Heavy duty relay - 120 Amp

4 Position battery / turbine connector

Two control switches to cycle thru charge and dump states

Two Leds to show current state



A turn key solution