Dark Light Switch

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Dark Light Switch Project

I added this page to talk about a dark light switch, after spending some time googling on the net i decided to build this one, it has some nice features which include automatic on, low voltage disconnect and Light sensor hysteresis .



Features and Specifications

Specifications :

  • Supply Voltage: 12V (nominal).
  • External lamp voltage: 12V DC (nominal).
  • External lamp current: 0 to 8 Amps DC.
  • On/Auto-Night current with white LEDs on and no external lamps: 27mA @12.8VDC.
  • Auto-Day current with lamps off: 5mA DC @12.8VDC
  • Off current: <10 microamps
  • Fuse Rating: 8 Amp standard fuse.



If you require further details please feel free to email me.

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