Tiny Load Controller

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A Dump controller very very TINY

Look here for my latest project. A charge controller with a tiny processor and a lcd display 16 x2. The controller handles the task to measure the voltage of the battery and current  input and displays it on the lcd, Also the current is monitored and shown on display. Features also include , shows the charge float state, battery low and battery full status.

 Also included a keypad to set the options in setup mode


Update 8th october 2013


Announcing a New controller from JasonKits-  Tiny Charge Controller .

Jasonkits is proud to present the latest creation.  the tiny controller is based around a tiny avr micro controller and is packed with features. Such as battery ,current , capacity display. charge and  float states ,battery condition state such as batt-normal , full or low.

It uses a 16x 2 lcd and consumes just under 19ma. the controller can be interfaced with a keypad board and parameters such as battery and current thresholds can be set very easily . It will be available for 12v and 24v systems.

The controlle ris  available  in kit and Assembled format.


further details contact me on email ! 

The Tiny controller v1.se

Here are some pictures of my prototype.