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PCB Manufacturing doing it the Bright way ! 



In the past years i used to do all my pcb etching in my garage. It used to take me quite a while to produce prototypes and messing whith chemicals , sodium hydroxied and ferric chloride was really a task that required continous rinsing and washing of hands , wearing gloves and keeping the place well ventilated. 

As time passed projects started to get more often , and producing pcbs in my garage became a problem since i did not have all that time to do them. I then spent some time lurking on the net and made some research to find suitable companies which offer a good service with a good quality and with a good price.

The choice was amongst three and ended up choosing pcbway.  http://www.pcbway.com

So i placed an order of  300 boards and chose DHL as shipping service. Man three days passed and my parcel was on the doorstep. only that the delivery man charged me 23 euro for import duties since china is not in EU. 


Anyways i opened the parcel and was very amazed with the quailty of the boards. the top silkmask is very well printed and bottom layer pads are tine plated and bottom mask is really cool . 

I then took a board and assembled it and it worked just fine. i am very pleased to order from this company . their customer service (Nancy) is really nice and cater for all my queries and replies almost instantly. i am very happy with the way this company pampers her customers. the website is well structured and once an order is in, you can track it in the process , knowing it is being manufactured million of miles away for you.. 


Well  to conclude i can only say that i recommend this company http://www.pcbway.com , if you are looking for a good quality pcb , with a good price tag and excellent customer expierence 


Jason .